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These are just a tiny section of the fabulous reviews we have recieved here at Transfigure Fitness. To read more or to add your own success story, please click the link below.

“After I turned 40, I had convinced myself that I would never be able to shift any weight as it’s more difficult the older you get & had resigned myself to becoming bigger & more unhappy with my appearance as I got older. I worked fairly hard at the gym before & didn’t get the results I wanted, so started bootcamp with an aim of becoming fitter & if some weight came off, that would be a bonus. Well, I’m on round 4 and have lost 25 inches of fat that I was convinced wouldn’t shift! I’m the fittest, slimmest, happiest & in the shape of my life at 41! It’s not a quick fix, you have to work for it! No one can do it for you! The support from fellow bootcampers & Becks no nonsense approach makes for a winning formula! You are well looked after, without being mollycoddled, advised, without being patronised & welcomed with open arms by a group of lovely ladies who don’t bitch, judge or intimidate. I can’t thank Becks and her wonderful team enough for changing my life!”

– Ali Baxter

“Wish I could give Becks more than 5 stars. This group has honestly changed my life, I’ve had zero body confidence forever and I had two kids by 21 so that didn’t help that! I’ve been running for the past 3 years which helped with my fitness levels but at night I’d stuff my face and had a weird relationship with food. Now that’s all completely changed, I finally feel happy with my body, it’s completely changed shape and I’ve said goodbye to my mum tum! I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, my confidence is up so much I’ve finally took the plunge and left work to go self-employed which I’ve always wanted to do. I eat amazing food and never feel hungry or feel the need to stuff my face and my husband has followed suit and looks amazing also. Can’t thank Becks enough and the new friends I’ve made at Transfigure, it’s been an amazing journey, one which I will carry on for the rest of my life. Thanks xxx”

Sami Richardson

“Where do I start ? Amazing boot camps .. Amazing people .. Amazing and motivational woman who seems to run off pure love for what she does and what she achieves .. For a hater of all things fitness and nutrition I have now formed a more healthy and positive relationship with not only what I put in my mouth but also what’s going on in my head.

I can’t stress how positive this has been for me and I shall be returning for another round with a smile on my face .. Thanks to Rebecca for all she has done for me .. It’s definitely been an immense experience xx”

Danielle Quinn

“At the ripe old age of 51 with a considerable amount of excess body fat and low self esteem I was both excited and frightened about joining bootcamp. Well I felt the fear and did it any way. It’s only been 2 weeks but O M G what a ride . I cannot praise Rebbecca and the Transfigure girls enough. Yes it’s hard work and yes I’m aching all over but I’m Already seeing improvements in my fitness. I have a very week core as I’ve never really exercised it enough before but it’s getting there. I feel so happy I’m enjoying eating clean food. I have totally ditched alchohol for the whole 7 weeks of this bootcamp as I always have rather over indulged . I give this bootcamp 10 of out 10 and I’m so glad I’m on board.”

Donna Johnson

“I had hit rock bottom with my body confidence & knew I needed to make a change.. Seeing every1 absolutely raving about becca’s bootcamps I thought if she cant motivate me.. No1 can! I generally disliked exercise & was so unfit.. My life evolved around working fulltime shifts, family life & a quick crappy diet.

5 weeks down; with continuous & GENUINE support & guidance from
becks I feel a million times – a better me Im so proud of what Iv achieved.

Starting with a wednesday bootcamp, then PT’s, cleaning up my diet & now signing up to the next bootcamp.. I cant wait to see how far I can push myself for my goal in August! Fingers crossed I can do it!

Cannot thank you enough Becks!
Have LOVED the last 7weeks!

5weeks = 10inches & 7lb vanished – – never to be seen again!!!”

Katie Reid